I adore kitchens. Always have.

I can never push from my mind (nor would I ever want to) the childhood memories of kitchens: my family kitchen, the neighborhood kitchens, my grandmothers’ and great aunts’ basement kitchens, the Jetson’s kitchen, the summer kitchens discovered on school field trips to historic villages, and the pink plastic glory of Barbie’s Dream Kitchen.

Even my school bus memories include a kitchen. (Yeah, I know. Weird.) The morning bus traveled a rural stretch of road where I could  see, just inside the window of a tiny house, an older man sitting at his kitchen table, coffee cup at hand. Each day I looked for him. And each day he was there. From the cold vinyl seat of that bus, I felt the warmth of that kitchen and smelled that coffee.

No surprise, I grew up to develop a passion for cooking and all things kitchen. And, to this day, I love it when I’m driving at night and catch a glimpse inside a home’s kitchen. Not to spy. Rather, to see the lighting, the colors, and the patterns – and to feel the familiar embrace of a kitchen’s warmth.

When Julia Child donated her kitchen to be displayed at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, I felt vindicated. At last I could stand and stare into a kitchen for as long I wanted and no one would care (or call the police). What a treat to absorb ideas and inspiration from dear Julia’s humble kitchen.

So, I began to think that maybe I’m not alone. Surely there are others who love peeking into kitchen windows, metaphorically or otherwise. People who, like me, long to learn about other cultures through its kitchens and cuisine.

Where We Cook is that window. An entire world of kitchens is the view.


Lynn Pickerel
Publisher, Where We Cook

Lynn {at} WhereWeCook {dot} com



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